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1 - Introduction To This Framework

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This website is still under development - but it still works! During summer 2007 resources are continually being uploaded to bring it fully in line with the printed 2007 handbook.

This Regional Commissioning Framework provides support to those who work to improve services for children, young people and their families. It is provided for those who undertake the commissioning task and is also relevant to providers, service users and others who need to understand the commissioning process.Children and young people’s service partners right across the East Midlands are fully committed to a commissioning process to improve outcomes.

These resources will help to develop effective commissioning practice The framework has guidance status. However, all corporate directors and chief executives have ‘signed-up’ to the principles contained within it and will expect these to have a significant impact upon all commissioning decisions and activities. This framework has been created by and for those who are involved with the commissioning of children’s services in the East Midlands, whether in health, social care, education or voluntary and community organisations. Its key purpose is to create a common approach to commissioning across agencies by providing principles, guidance and support for commissioning activity. 
  • It provides general strategic support for all aspects of commissioning
  • It provides specific support for joint commissioning to meet more complex needs that call for multi-agency or regional planning. 
Commissioning should contribute to achieving strategic national and local aims. With this in mind, this framework complements local and national materials by providing a level of support for commissioning that:
  • promotes more effective commissioning within organisations and partnerships across the East Midlands
  • highlights existing and potential arrangements for regional collaboration at each stage of the commissioning cycle to improve services and outcomes.

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Did you know?

Early calculations indicate that the implementation of the principles and ideas within this framework could save millions of pounds across the East Midlands each year as well as improving outcomes for children, young people and families.